Energy Day / Energietag 2017 – Berlin – 21. November 2017

On 21. November, 2017 I had a pleasure to participate in Energy Day / Energietag 2017 organized by World Energy Council Deutschland.

The event took place at Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wisscenschaften

What are my conclusions from this meeting:

  1. African countries will not resign from coal and from other fossil fuel, because they need to develop,
  2. Europe may resign from coal until 2050 – EU Council wants to resign totally from coal, some countries want to resign only partially,
  3. everybody can look at Estonia, how they introduce intelligent services in energy sector,
  4. California, in opposition to the government of US, wants to move to renewables,
  5. nobody discussed about nuclear sector,
  6. nobody discussed about lack of independence from Russia, if we will turn off coal power station, we will have to move to gas or nuclear energy – not everybody has enough of wind for wind farms, sun to solar panels and water to water power stations,
  7. Missing was voice from countries like Poland, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal. Each of this country has different type of energy sector and, if somebody plans to introduce any reform in Europe, the voice of this countries needs to be heard.

Dr. Uwe Franke talked about new reality, reduction of CO2 from 1990 to 2016 of 23%, where at the same time industry increased of 52%. He talked also about competitivness – the goverment needs to find ballance between reduction of CO2 and competitivness of companies.

Dr. Christoph Frei talked about grand transistion, digital revolution, new energy reality and urban microgrid solutions.

Dr. Elham Ibrahim mentioned challenges for Africa, possibilities and, opportunities for Africa. She paid attention also to power demand increase – 5,7% per year, which will be 4 times higher in 2040.

Mr Rajiv Ranjan Mishra described perspectives for Asia.

Dr Artur Runge-Metzger wants full decarbonization by 2050.

I received some materials on this conference from organizers. I have to analyze it and, maybe I will add some other conclusions.

#EnergyDay2017 #WEC_Deutschland

Piotr Sawicki
Legal Counsel


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